Thursday, July 9, 2009

Learn How To Quit Smoking

by: Colin Williams

What do I mean by LEARN, shouldn’t I be telling you to go buy some nicotine gum or some quit smoking NRT products. Hey! It’s not that hard for anyone to stop smoking and NO you don’t really need a pill, potion, patch or gum. As a matter of fact I believe you only need one thing to help you quit smoking and that’s Knowledge, because knowledge is power.

Some historians claim that tobacco has been apart of our history since around 6000BC, however a little closer to our end of the time line in the pre- Columbian Americas the native Americans cultivated tobacco for ceremonial pipe smoking. Explorers like Christopher Columbus, Sir Walter Raleigh and France’s Jean Nicot after whom nicotine was named began to popularize the use of tobacco as the new fashion throughout Europe. The process of smoking was learnt back in the early 16th century and it’s still learnt the same way today. In the US every day 3000 new non-smoker kids become smokers! Each and every person has had to learn how to smoke.

You LEARNT how to become a smoker in the first place. You practised the draw-back and various smoking techniques over and over, including all those body image traits until you finally achieved that great `smoker status' . You convinced yourself how good and cool it was - right! You just taught yourself how to be a smoker even when the first few cigarettes nearly made you vomit.

You may be asking yourself right now, how can I learn how to stop smoking. The answer is easy, if you want to become a non-smoker, then you need to learn how to THINK as non-smoker. The reality is that gums, patches or NRT’s won’t change your smoker mindsets, knowledge and understanding is the key!

Listen ...'If you think the way you always thought, you'll have what you always had.'

Answer this... Who talks to you the most? Your partner? your boss? your neighbour? your friends? your dog or cat? No Way......YOU TALK TO YOU THE MOST!!!

Nicotine Addiction is approximately 20% physiological and 80% psychological. Think about it, the chemical affect of the drug doesn’t have to work very hard to keep you addicted because you will reinforce your perceived satisfaction with just about every cigarette through your thoughts and words.

The bottom line is this – the nicotine addiction IS NOT your friend or buddy, it's a lying parasite that basically wants to kill you. Have you ever wanted to quit smoking or maybe you know and love someone who is struggling to give up smoking?

I can show you a quit smoking process that will change your life forever. You’re only problem will be deciding what to do with all that extra cash. Imagine the freedom of waking up every morning and thinking “I’m a non-smoker” now that’s cool!

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About The Author

Colin R. Williams is a Quit Smoking Personal Coach, Seminar Presenter and the author of Quit Smoking…NOW - It’s Easier Than You Think! Colin is passionate about helping people to stop smoking and break the chains of nicotine addiction – forever. He illustrates a powerful quit smoking principle that can’t fail, without using pills, potions, patches, gums, hypnosis, Zyban or NRT’s. For more information visit

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